Rob Elliott


Rob Elliott is a 38-year old football coach serving as the Interim Manager of Gateshead Football Club . He has previously been associated with Bishop's Stortford during his career.

Rob Elliot has made a significant transition in his football career by taking up the role of Technical Director at Gateshead in August 2022, the first in the club’s history. His tenure with the club began in October 2020, leveraging his nine-year experience from Newcastle United to train with the first team. Apart from contributing on the field as part of the playing squad, he focuses on enhancing the club’s off-field dynamics by fostering new partnerships and strengthening existing ones, alongside developing an internal framework to bolster the club’s progress.

In addition to his technical responsibilities, Elliot supported Mike Williamson’s coaching team during the 2021/22 season, having previously joined Watford, a then-Premier League club.

Following the departure of Williamson, along with Ian Watson and Chris Bell, Elliot stepped into the role of interim manager for the club in October 2023.