Ben Bukowski


Ben Bukowski is a football coach serving as the Head Coach of Northwood Football Club since . He has previously been associated with Hampton & Richmond Borough and Hendon during his career.

Ben Bukowski was appointed as Head Coach at the Woods in November 2021, marking his entry into a managerial role. Initially working alongside Director of Football Steve Ringrose, his involvement was a significant step in his career. By the summer of 2023, Ben transitioned into the role of manager. Prior to this appointment, he had established a reputation as a respected coach, notably working under Gary McCann at both Hendon and Hampton & Richmond Borough.

His experience with these clubs, under McCann’s mentorship, provided him with a solid foundation for his managerial responsibilities at the Woods. Ben’s progression from a coaching role to manager within a relatively short period highlights his capabilities and the trust placed in him by the club’s management.