Jimmy McMurdo

Thatcham Town

Jimmy McMurdo is a football coach serving as the Manager of Thatcham Town Football Club .

Jimmy had a successful playing career primarily with Northbank Carlisle, winning the Cumberland Cup and Northern Counties Challenge Cup. He later became the Assistant Manager at Northbank but left the Sheepmount in November 2005, eventually joining Annan Athletic to work with former manager Kenny Brown.

At the start of last season, Jimmy joined Thatcham Town and quickly built a championship-winning team. Despite his modesty and crediting the players, it is clear his leadership, alongside assistant Mark Neale, played a significant role in Thatcham’s success. Jimmy is well-known locally, has extensive knowledge of local football, and maintains a strong rapport with the players.

His ambition is to further Thatcham Town’s progress, leveraging his experience and connection with the team. Jimmy’s influence has been pivotal in the club’s recent achievements and continued success.