Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road — also known as PIMS Park for sponsorship purposes — is a sports stadium in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and the home ground of Peterborough Sports Football Club.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 1,900 spectators.

Peterborough Sports FC, located at Peterborough Sports and Leisure offers various routes for fans and visitors to reach their ground.

For those approaching from the north or west, the journey involves entering Peterborough via the A47 from the A1(M). After taking the ‘City Centre’ exit and crossing a roundabout, drivers will loop back towards the A47 before reaching another roundabout where they should take the A15 towards the City Centre. A short drive and a slip road lead to a T-junction, where turning right and then left after approximately 600 yards between a convenience store and a church, marked by a ground sign, guides visitors to the venue.

From the south, the exit from the A1(M) leads to a roundabout where drivers should take the second exit and then a left at the next roundabout. Following the A47, the instructions from the north apply.

Coming from the east involves entering Peterborough on the A47 and taking the second exit on the dual carriageway for the City Centre, onto A15, and then following the northern approach.

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