Rare Breed Meat Co. Stadium

Cressing Road

Cressing Road — also known as Rare Breed Meat Co. Stadium for sponsorship purposes — is a sports stadium in Braintree, Essex and the home ground of Braintree Town Football Club.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 4,222 spectators.

The Rare Breed Meat Co. Stadium, home of Braintree Town FC, offers a total capacity of 4,222. This stadium features a Main Seated Stand with a capacity of 553, including six wheelchair spaces. This stand has undergone recent extensions. Additionally, the Clubhouse End, now upgraded with a new terrace, can hold 1,131 spectators. On the Cressing Road side, the stadium accommodates 1,130 spectators, with 755 covered seating areas. The Quag End has a capacity of 1,408.

Significant improvements to the stadium include upgraded floodlighting to over 250 lux, meeting the Football League’s entry requirements. Completed in March 2007, these enhancements, worth over £600,000, were essential for meeting the National League’s ground grading requirements in 2011. A further investment of £200,000 during the 2011-12 season added more turnstiles, toilets, and terracing, achieving The Football Association’s ‘A’ Grade and fulfilling the criteria for potential promotion to the Football League.

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