Bauvill Stadium

Bauvill Stadium is a sports stadium in Chatham, Kent and the home ground of Chatham Town Football Club.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 5,000 spectators.

For those arriving by road, the ground is easily accessible from junction 3 of the M2, following signs for Chatham & Town Centre. Key landmarks on the route include a Homebase on the left and a petrol station further along Maidstone Road, with the ground’s car park entrance on Bournville Road, just opposite the petrol station. For visitors traveling by rail, the ground is conveniently situated near Chatham Station. Upon exiting the station, a short walk along Maidstone Road, passing a cemetery, leads directly to the Sports Ground.

Visitors to the ground are advised to respect the local community by avoiding foul language, leaving quietly, using designated car parks rather than nearby roads, and disposing of litter in provided bins. Chatham Town FC emphasizes that it does not bear responsibility for accidents to spectators within its premises or for vehicles and their contents parked on-site. Spectators are requested not to sit on perimeter rails or encroach on the pitch.

Chatham Town FC operates a strict anti-racism policy, underscoring that racist remarks, gestures, or intimidating behavior will result in ejection from the ground. The club encourages reporting racism in football environments through the Kick It Out campaign, with contact information provided for reporting incidents. This commitment to a respectful and inclusive environment is a key aspect of the club’s ethos and visitor experience.