Project Solar Stadium

Ewen Fields

Ewen Fields — also known as Project Solar Stadium for sponsorship purposes — is a sports stadium in Hyde, Greater Manchester and the home ground of Hyde United Football Club.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 4,250 spectators.

Ewen Fields has been the cherished home of Hyde United for over a century, experiencing significant transformations throughout its history, including a notable color transition from red to blue and back to red during its association and subsequent dissociation with Manchester City. The stadium, accommodating up to 4,250 fans with 530 seated areas, offers diverse viewing experiences across its five covered stands, ensuring spectators enjoy unobstructed and engaging views of the on-field action.

The Main Stand, central to the stadium’s facilities, includes essential amenities such as the boardroom, club offices, and dressing rooms, alongside a dedicated area for fans with 530 seats offering prime views of the game. Its accessibility and unreserved seating policy cater to a comfortable and inclusive match-day experience. In contrast, the Shed End, known for its vibrant atmosphere, appeals to passionate supporters, providing a lively environment albeit with a modest 13-step terrace.

Additional stands like the Leigh Street and Walker Lane ends offer unique vantage points and atmospheres, catering to diverse fan preferences, with the former sometimes allocated to visiting supporters based on the match’s profile. Tinker’s Passage End, typically reserved for away fans, adds character with its distinct layout and enthusiastic atmosphere, enhancing the communal and competitive spirit of match days at Ewen Fields.