Blackwell Meadows

Blackwell Meadows is a sports stadium in Darlington, County Durham and the home ground of Darlington Football Club.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 3,281 spectators.

Blackwell Meadows has been the home of Darlington Football Club since December 26, 2016, marking the team’s return to Darlington after a hiatus exceeding four years. This return was made possible through the significant efforts of supporter-owners who raised over £1 million, enabling the transformation of the ground to accommodate 3,300 fans. The club emphasizes ease of access for supporters, offering various ticket purchase options, including online and at the gate, with a focus on family-friendliness, evidenced by free admission for under-12s. The club also promotes a supportive environment with dedicated assistance for ticketing and seating inquiries, alongside providing ample parking facilities, including designated spaces for Blue Badge holders.

On matchdays, Blackwell Meadows opens its turnstiles well before kickoff, providing a full matchday experience that includes retail opportunities, food and beverage services, and the clubhouse. The ground layout accommodates both standing and seated fans, featuring the iconic Tinshed for home supporters and specific allocations for away fans during segregated games. Catering services are a collaborative effort with Darlington Rugby Football Club, enhancing the matchday experience and generating revenue shared with Darlington FC. The club’s commitment to community and supporter engagement is evident through these organized and thoughtful arrangements, ensuring an enjoyable and inclusive environment for all attendees.

The club’s dedication extends beyond the pitch, offering an array of merchandise through Quaker Retail and maintaining transparent communication about logistical aspects like parking and stadium access. The range of ticketing options, from flexible passes to pay monthly subscriptions, caters to varied supporter needs, demonstrating Darlington FC’s commitment to its fan base. Furthermore, the club’s partnership with the rugby club on catering signifies a collaborative approach to enhancing the matchday atmosphere while benefiting financially from sales, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that supports the club’s sustainability and growth.