Bill Stokeld Stadium

Bill Stokeld Stadium is a sports stadium in Gedling, Nottinghamshire and the home ground of Carlton Town Football Club.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 1,968 spectators.

The Bill Stokeld Stadium, located at Stoke Lane in Gedling, Nottingham, is somewhat challenging to access but offers ample parking. It’s important for visitors to be aware of the “Bus-Plug” on Stoke Lane, which restricts vehicular access to the ground from Emerys Road and the Burton Road end of Stoke Lane. The only way to reach the stadium by vehicle is from the A612, and ignoring this route could result in a traffic ticket.

For those coming from the M1, whether from the north or south, the recommended route involves exiting at junction 26 and following the A610 towards Nottingham. This leads to the A6514 ring road. After following the ring road and passing through various lights and roundabouts, drivers should turn left onto the A60, then quickly move to the right filter lane to turn onto Thackarey’s Lane. Continuing onto Arno Vale Road, Gedling Road, and then Arnold Road will lead through Gedling. At a set of lights, turn right towards Burton Joyce and then left onto the A612. Another left turn at the subsequent lights onto Stoke Lane leads directly to the stadium.

For those approaching from the north via the A1, the exit at the junction with the A614/A57 should be taken. Following the A614 to the A6097 junction, then turning right onto the A612 towards Burton Joyce and Nottingham is the advised route. After passing through Burton Joyce, a right turn at the lights onto Stoke Lane will lead to the ground.

Visitors from the south via the A1 should exit at the A52 junction towards Nottingham/Grantham, then join the A46 North towards Newark. After joining the A6097 towards Mansfield and reaching the A612 roundabout, follow the same route as visitors coming from the north via the A1.

Lastly, those traveling from the south via the M1/A46 should exit the M1 at junction 21A, follow the A46 to the A6097 junction, and then proceed as directed for visitors coming from the north via the A1.