Crest of Football Club United of Manchester

FC United of Manchester

The Reds

FC United of Manchester 2-1 Irlam FC
© Paul Roots, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Football Club United of Manchester, nicknamed “The Reds,” is a non-league football club based in Moston, Greater Manchester.

Established in 2005, they currently compete in the Pitching In Northern Premier League Premier Division, which is part of the seventh tier of English football. The team calls Broadhurst Park their home ground.

FC United of Manchester was established in 2005 as a response to Malcolm Glazer’s takeover of Manchester United, reflecting a broader discontent among fans with the commercialization and changing culture of football. This new club, however, was not just about protesting Glazer’s actions; it was also a response to various issues in modern football, such as inconvenient kickoff times for TV schedules, overpriced tickets, and a perceived loss of traditional football values. The club emerged from a desire to retain the essence of Manchester United’s community spirit and traditions, as disillusioned fans sought a platform to continue their support in a more meaningful and participative way.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit organization, FC United of Manchester operates democratically on the principle of ‘one member, one vote’. The club was created to be accessible to the entire Greater Manchester community, emphasizing affordable football and active participation for all, especially the youth. The ethos of the club is rooted in maintaining the protest’s momentum, fostering unity among supporters, celebrating the club’s history, and adhering to the philosophy of ‘Our Club, Our Rules’. This approach has successfully cultivated a strong sense of ownership and community among its supporters.

In addition to its unique ownership model and community focus, FC United has also made significant strides in infrastructure and social responsibility. The club’s supporters played a vital role in funding the 4,400 capacity Broadhurst Park in Moston, which opened in 2015 with support from Manchester City Council, Sport England, and the Football Foundation. During the pandemic, this ground became a hub for community service, operating as one of Manchester’s busiest food distribution centers, aiding those in need. This aspect of the club highlights its deep commitment to social values and community engagement, extending beyond the realm of football.