Crest of Ossett United Football Club

Ossett United

The Ramicorns

Ossett United Football Club, nicknamed “The Ramicorns,” is a non-league football club based in Ossett, West Yorkshire.

Established in 1970, they currently compete in the Pitching In Northern Premier League Division One East, which is part of the eighth tier of English football. The team calls Ingfield their home ground.


Ossett United emerged on June 1, 2018, from the merger of two historic clubs, Ossett Town AFC (established in 1936) and Ossett Albion AFC (established in 1944), both of which had enjoyed long stints in the Northern Premier League. The merger was orchestrated by a new board comprised of members from both original clubs, choosing Ingfield, the former home of Ossett Town, as the club’s main ground, while Dimple Wells, previously Ossett Albion’s base, was designated for the Ladies and Academy teams. Despite a promising start on the pitch, including reaching the play-off semi-final and winning the County Cup in their debut season (2018/19), Ossett United faced significant challenges off the field, such as board resignations, financial issues, and a costly legal battle stemming from an incident in a 2015 match, which nearly led to the club’s liquidation.

The club underwent several managerial changes in its early years, impacting its performance and stability. Following Andy Welsh’s departure, Wayne Benn and later, Jas Colliver and Mark Ward, took on managerial roles, experiencing varied success. The arrival of Grant Black as manager marked a hopeful phase, with an impressive start, but inconsistency led to a 15th-place finish and his eventual departure. Under Black’s management, the club made significant squad changes, yet struggles persisted, leading to another managerial shift, with David Brown stepping in as interim manager. These fluctuations highlight the challenges of finding the right leadership formula in the competitive non-league environment.

Infrastructure and community support have been pivotal in Ossett United’s journey. The club focused on ground improvements at Ingfield, including installing LED floodlights and upgrading changing rooms, with these enhancements supported by Football Foundation grants. The board also saw new additions, strengthening the club’s leadership. On a historical note, both Ossett Town and Ossett Albion brought rich histories into the merger. Ossett Town’s achievements included a steady climb through the leagues and notable FA Cup runs, while Ossett Albion had its share of league titles and FA Cup adventures. The merger aimed to unite these traditions and build a stronger future for football in Ossett, reflecting a common goal of achieving higher standards and community involvement in football.


Ossett United Limited is a registered company in England and Wales under company number 11162425 .