Crest of Chatham Town Football Club

Chatham Town

The Chats

Chatham Town Football Club, nicknamed “The Chats,” is a non-league football club based in Chatham, Kent.

Established in 1882, they currently compete in the Pitching In Isthmian League Premier Division, which is part of the seventh tier of English football. The team calls Bauvill Stadium their home ground.

Founded in 1882 as Chatham United from a merger of Rochester Invicta and the Royal Engineers Band’s football team, Chatham FC aimed to create a top-tier team. They moved to the Maidstone Road Ground in 1889 and reached the FA Cup Quarter-Finals in 1888-89. As founding members of the Southern League and the original Kent League in 1894, they won several early titles. Financial difficulties in the early 1900s led to temporary disbandment, but they rebounded to win the Kent League and Thames & Medway Combination in 1903/04.

Post-World War I, Chatham experienced financial strain and fluctuating success, including several FA Cup runs. They faced relegation in the 1930s and opted for amateur status before World War II halted play. After the war, they merged with Shorts F.C. in 1947, becoming Chatham Town, and played in various leagues, including the Aetolian and Kent Leagues, achieving league and cup wins.

Struggles in the Southern League in the 1980s were followed by improved fortunes in the 1990s under John Adams. The club won the Kent League in 2000/01 but faced mixed results thereafter. Recent years saw fluctuating performances and management changes. Despite relegation, they won the Kent Senior Trophy and SCEFL Challenge Cup in 2018/19.