Marra Falcons Stadium

Church Street

Church Street — also known as Marra Falcons Stadium for sponsorship purposes — is a sports stadium in Armthorpe, South Yorkshire and the home ground of Armthorpe Welfare Football Club.

The Marra Falcons Stadium is in Armthorpe Village and is centrally located on the main street, easily identifiable near the Morrison’s supermarket. The driveway leading to the ground is situated between Morrison’s and Mark Jarvis Bookmakers. For visitors traveling by motorway, the ground is accessible via junction 4 of the M18, following signs for Armthorpe and Doncaster. This route involves navigating a series of roundabouts, with the ground eventually positioned between the Aldi and Morrisons supermarkets.

Parking at the ground is limited, with the few available spots typically taken early by players and club officials. Visitors are advised to opt for street parking nearby. It is important to avoid parking in the Morrisons or Aldi car parks, as these areas are monitored with cameras and have a strict parking time limit.

Public transport options include bus numbers 81 and 82, which connect Armthorpe with Doncaster Interchange and stop outside Morrisons. The standard admission fees for the ground are £5 for adults, £3 for concessions, and free entry for those under 16. Programmes are available for £1.50 each.


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